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For Your Mind

Improving your mental game is part two of our three step approach to improving your game, both your skill and enjoyment.  Green Mountain recommends two resources to help with your mental game.

For your mind:
Golf provides ample opportunity for the mind to interfere with the exellence developed in the mechanics of the swing.  A strong, sound and focused mind can be the next step in lower scores or increased enjoyment of the game no matter the score.  GMGC recommends Herman Johnson, President of CerebralSports, to help you improve your mental game.  Herman has worked with numerous professional and top-level amateur athletes in his 35 years of coaching.  He currently coaches the Concordia University track team.

Dr. Glen Albaugh, award winning author of Winning the Battle Within, shares his insights in each edition of The Home Course Chronicle, GMGC's monthly newsletter.  Dr. Albaugh has worked with numerous elite amateurs and touring professionals improving their mental approach to practice and shotmaking.

All of Herman's and Glen's articles for GMGC's Newsletter are here.